About us

“Martin Star” Company was founded in 2007 and started the realization of production and sale of sunflower seeds of “От Мартина” trademark. In the process of the production the packaging is made immediately after the roasting with the application of new technology, which gives an opportunity of maximal preserving all the health-improving properties of sunflower seeds and creating magnificent taste thus earning the high appreciation of our consumers.

The company has started to produce potato chips of various flavor since 2009. Primary product is used in the production of chips, and foreign up-to-date equipments are imported for its production. The chips are packaged hermetically, which gives us an opportunity to preserve its original taste, smell and quality.

Since 2010 “Martin Star” company has developed a new branch of production – production of canned food. This branch of “canning” art gives an opportunity to receive from various vegetables and especially fresh fruits, harvested from productive lands of Armenian Highland and Ararat Valley, all the possible summer goodness and to hand it to the consumer in the form of canned food.

Studying the growing needs of the population, in 2013, the company began producing a variety of fruit compotes and juices, which will join the consumer food products.

In 2021, “Martin Star” company started the production of a new kind of product  ice- cream. Then in 2022, introducing to its consumers with another new brand, the company started the production of coffee and  3 in 1 coffee drinks

In the framework of providing food safety and guaranteeing the best sale results of high nutritional value products the company is guided by the
requirements of ISO 22000 standards.

The integration of this system is a must in almost all developed countries of the world, also in the Republic of Armenia. ISO quality standards’ certificate and, surely, “Martin Star” company employees caring attitude and loyalty to their work are basic factors for the organization to maintain its brand reputation and have a consistent and competitive place in the international market.

The company has imported products from Russia, such as carbonated drinks beer and crackers. The carbonated drinks are made of natural raw materials, bottled in ultrapure conditions and have different tastes. The crackers contain mineral ingredients such as iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are indispensable for human body. The crackers are great source of Vitamin B. They also contain a large amount of carbohydrates and at the same time crackers are easy to digest.martin.su 

Due to modern equipments, professional specialists and consumers’ high appreciation “Martin Star” company develops its production process step by step, gaining new achievements. The company’s progress guarantee is in its motto: